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Interview with Kiss Me Crazy Author Ednah Walters

I am honored and super excited to have Ednah Walters stop by my blog. Ednah writes both contemporary romance as E.B. Walters(http://enwalters.blogspot.com/) and YA fantasy (http://ednahwalters.blogspot.com/) about fallen angels. Her Fitzgerald family series has garnered rave reviews, and today, we're talking about her latest romance, Kiss Me Crazy.

LOVED IT!! Kiss Me Crazy is soooo good. I had to ignore the hubs and the kids for a little bit (sorry), but I just couldn't put this down. I just loved Baron Fitzgerald and Kara together. There were so many obstacles and of course drama, but you can't prevent what's meant to be, no matter how much time passes.
Baron Fitzgerald is Kara's very HOT boss and there are rules about that kind of thing, but rules are meant to be broken. I don't want to give too much away and ruin it for you, so go and get your copy. This is a must read. Great story and I didn't want it to end :( I'm hoping that there will be more books to come in this series. The Fitzgerald's are a very large family and we've had sneak peaks of other family members. I can definitely see Lex Fitzgerald (Baron's older brother), getting his own story as well as Chase, Baron's TWIN :D brother.....Did I mention Baron has a TWIN??? Maybe he's available?? Hmm can't wait to find out. I hope Ednah has something in the works!!   ***** 5 stars

INTERVIEW: Ednah: Thank you for inviting me to your blog and for a chance to talk about my work.

Haydee: Your latest release, "Kiss Me Crazy" was so exciting. Are you planning on continuing the series and are you currently writing book #4?

Ednah: I want to write all the other single Fitzgeralds’ stories-Lex, Chase, Eddie. Yes, I’m working on book 4, Perfect Fit.

Haydee: Which Fitzgerald can we expect to read about in the future?

Ednah: Faith, Jade’s cousin is the main character in my next story. She is a fashion designer with big dreams and men problems. Luckily, she has guardian angels watching over her—a bunch of busybodies/wealthy patrons, who can drive any sane person crazy.

Haydee: Do you have any other books in the works other than this series?

Ednah: Apart from my YA Guardian Legacy series, no. I’m barely managing the two series, lol. I’m not the most organized person, but I have an excuse—a husband, five kids and two kids. They come first.

Haydee: I just loved Barons sexy character. Is he based on anyone you know?

Ednah: Oh, sweet, naughty, sexy Baron. Seriously, I’d like to say I know someone like Baron; unfortunately, I don’t. But if I did, I’d stalk him.

Haydee: Who is your favorite character or couple?

Ednah: I love all my characters, but Jade and Vince from MINE UNTIL DAWN hold a special place in my heart. They were both so damaged and deserved to find love.

Haydee: When writing a series, do you have to go back and re-read the last book to pick up where you left off?

Ednah: By the time I finish writing the book and the many rewrites, I usually have the book memorized. I know everything that happened in Slow Burn (book 1 in the Fitzgerald series), Mine Until Dawn (book 2) and Kiss Me Crazy (book 3). In my YA series, which has the same characters, I remember everything about all the main characters. Occasionally I check the previous books to make sure I get the descriptions of the secondary characters right, things like eye color, but mannerism and personal quirks stay solid in my head.

Haydee: How do you keep track of all of the characters in a series?

Ednah: The first time I wrote them, I had a chat of traits for each character and referred to them as I wrote. Now I know everyone. Seriously.

Haydee: Does your husband read your books and what does he think???

Ednah: Haha, that would be the day. I’m married to a snob, a professor of engineering. Do you think he tells his buddies I write romance and YA books? Heck no. To him, my writing is a hobby. And no, he doesn’t read my books. He’d be amazed if he did. My love scenes are super hot.

Haydee: Is it harder to start a book or finish it?

Ednah: Definitely starting. Usually a writer set the stage for the whole story in the first three chapters. Why? She or he must have the characters’ goals, motives and conflicts clear.

Haydee: How much research do you put into your books?

Ednah: A lot. For Slow Burn, I talked to an artist, so I could understand the process involved in painting a piece. I talked to a local firefighter, researched Hot Shot Firefighters, the protocol when there is a fire, old buildings and speakeasies.
For Mine Until Dawn, I researched Mayan artifacts, authenticating artifacts, neighborhoods in L.A., clubs, diplomats and immunity laws…I could go on forever.
For Kiss Me Crazy, I researched restorations of paintings and running a gallery, tourist attractions in San Diego. Luckily for me, I visit Idaho panhandle every year, so I had the description of the lake, cottage covered.

Thank you Ednah for stopping by and answering all of my questions :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this interview and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading some of Ednah's books :)

  2. This interview is awesome. I am really liking this author and her personality comes through. Running out to buy the book!!!!!

  3. Maria Pagan-SanchezNovember 8, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    Wow, looking forward to reading this series. Great interview Haydee.

  4. Thanks, for hosting me, hun. You rock!!!!

  5. Barbara, I hope you get a chance to read the series. You'll love the Fitzgeralds as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Judy, happy you think so and thanks for the love, xoxo. I wouldn't write if it weren't for readers like you.

  7. Maria, hope you enjoy them then stop by my fan page to visit.

    Haydee, once again, thanks for hosting me.